(1) Mastering Effective Public Speaking, Language and Elocution Skills

(2) How to Become an Exceptional Motivational Speaker

(3) Boosting Your Business with Effective (Oral) Business Presentation Skills

(4) General Persuasive Communication and How to Win Big Business or Contracts with Persuasive Business Proposals

(5) Multiplying Church Membership with Creative Preaching Style and Effective Church Management/Leadership Skills

(6) Clearing the Nigerian English Cobweb away from Your (Global) Career Prospects

(7) Communicating Unique Selling Points of Your Business/Organisation Creatively

(8) Adopting Modern Language of Competition in Your Business

(9) Mastering Dictionary Abbreviations for Literate Business Communication

(10) Enhancing Your Business Communication with Correct Tense Application

(11) Boosting Your Business with Effective Organisational Communication

(12) Professional Language Application and Effective Business Writing/Communication

(13) Grammatical Voice and Effects of Business Transactions

(14) Notable mistakes in sales writing

(15) Boosting your business communication with mathematical concepts

(16) Writing Effective Business Letters

(17) Reported Speech and business implication of tense-sequence rule

(18) Report Writing: Boosting Your Operations with Effective Business

(19) Applying Determiners in Business Communication

(20) Noun and Concord: Addressing Common Discord in Business Writing

(21) Grammatical co-ordination and subordination in business communication

(22) Communicating Effectively in Time of Crisis to Stabilise Your Organisation and Redeem Its Corporate Image.

(23) Habitual mistakes in (non-verbal) business communication/Communication mistakes that mar conversations

(24) Boosting your business with effective body language

(25) Project management and effective communication

(26) Essentials of information management

(27) Enhancing communication with SWOT analysis

(28) Word superiority and effective marketing

(29) Using trigger words to achieve effective persuasion

(30) Writing Effective Memoranda

(31) Telephone speaking voice skills

(32) Fundamentals of e-mail communication

(33) Choosing Between British and American English in Your Communication

(34) Mastering the fundamentals of conversation

(35) Useful tips on argumentative communication

(36) Using communication to bring out the best in people

(37) Role of communication in strategic planning

(38) Fundamentals of effective listening

(39) Credibility and corporate communication

(40) Importance of information to managerial success

(41) Strategic Corporate Communication for Smooth Mergers and Acquisitions.

(42) Organisational change and effective communication

Effective Business Writing Skills
(43) Treading the Path of Focus to Enduring Success

(44) Fulfilling Your Life Purpose for Positive Change

(45) Climbing Personality Ladder to Business Success

(46) Emulating Special Animals for Success

(47) Changing Your Name to ‘Hero’ or ‘Heroine’

(48) Self-motivation As a Tonic for Success

(49) Exploiting Positive Self-image for Success

(50) Self-discipline as a Gateway to Success

(51) Understanding the Paradox of Enduring Financial Freedom

(52) What Wealth, Riches and Success Really Mean

(53) Networking Your Way to Great Achievement

(54) Discarding Your Thermometer for Thermostat

(55) Imbibing Enduring Reading Culture for a Brighter Future

(56) Enhancing Your Career with Good Human Relations/Interpersonal skills as a success booster

(57) Achieving Success through Possibility Thinking

(58) Potency of your (corporate) mission statement

(59) How to Successfully Handle Criticism

Reaching Your Divine Destination through Your Destiny Vehicle

Locating Your God-Allotted Location for Abundant Allocation/Guarding Your Spiritual and Physical Eden Jealously for divine fulfillment
Accepting Reality of Your Caretaker Status for Divine Elevation/Multiplication

Accelerating Your Action with Exceptional Faith

Defects of over-celebrating University Degrees on Personal, Organisational and National Development

Utilising Spiritual and Linguistic Conditionals for Spiritual and Career Success

Responding to a Vague Health State Question Appropriately

Achieving Personal and Organisational Goals

Accomplishing Personal and Team Goals in Your Church

Challenges as Channels of Advantages

Articulating Your Bragging Rights over Your Adversity

Danger of over-reliance on New Year’s Resolution to Urgency of Your Accomplishments

Rescuing Your Career from Captivity and Ignorance

Why Positive and Right-thinking is Critical to Your Success

Pathway to Enviable Marital Choice and Harmony



(60) Farewell to Unemployment and Career Retardation

(61) Your Gateway to Self-employment and Enduring Business Success

(62) Taking the Path of Your Original or Adapted Plan A to Self-Employment

(63) Succeeding as a New Manager/Preparing your staff for managerial tasks

(64) Smooth Career Progression for Secondary School Students

(65) Enhancing Your Job Search and Career with a Good CV

(66) Managing your boss effectively/Managing your micro-manager

(67) Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Success

(68) Encouraging employees to work like owners through Motivation

(69) Building Highly-effective Teams through Exceptional Leadership and Teamwork Skills

(70) Boosting Your Business and Career with Interactive Management and Effective Corporate Leadership skills.

(71) Distinguishing between Management and Leadership

(72) Achieving team success through delegation

(73) Employing more staff for your business/organisation

(74) How to Cope with Lay-off Trauma

(75) Exploiting branding for organisational success/Enhancing your brand identity with visual vocabulary

(76) How to resolve workplace conflict

(77) Enhancing Your Business with Strategic Sales/Marketing Strategies

(78) Making Tremendous Impact in Selling

(79) How to Write Effective Feasibility Study and Business Plan/Communicating profitability in your business plan

(80) Why Your Organisation Needs Catalysts

(81) Danger of Time Abuse to Productivity

(82) Potency of your corporate mission and vision statements

(83) Why You must Entrench Credibility in Your Organisation

(84) Effective employee recruitment process

(85) Business success through a belief system

(86) Boosting performance and quality with effective management

(87) What is the basis of your business?

(88) Dangers of ‘toxic’ entrepreneurship

(89) Boosting corporate success with ethics and creativity management

(90) Improving corporate performance with high expectations

(91) Putting your management team in place

(92) Exceeding feedback in modern management

(93) Measuring your business success

(94) Keeping accurate employee records

(95) Boosting employee performance with job description

(96) Checking inequality in your workplace

(97) Avoiding managerial buck-passing

(98) Managerial solutions to workplace excuses

(99) Reducing workplace stress for productivity

(100) Protecting your organisation against crime

(101) Filling a vacancy with an outsider

(102) How to manage your off-site staff
Taking the Expressway of Corporate Culture to the Destination of Organisational Success.

(103) Achieving National Development Through Knowledge Acquisition
(104) Taming examination-malpractice monsters

(105) Saving the arts from extinction
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