Driving Growth through Innovation

Author: Robert Tucker
Publisher: Berrett Koehler
Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi

Driving Growth through InnovationThe target of business people or corporate organisations is to achieve substantial growth and by implication profitability. Yet, it is very challenging to achieve appreciable growth (which signifies productivity) and profitability in the midst of competition. The solution is innovation, that is, conversion of new knowledge into new products and services.
That is why I want us to X-ray this book tagged Driving Growth through Innovation this week. It is written by Robert Tucker, president of The Innovation Resource, a consulting firm based in Santa Barbara, California. Tucker is a keynote speaker that is in high demand. A former adjunct professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, he advises a lot international organisations on innovation strategy. Read the rest of this entry

By Goke Ilesanmi

Electronic mail, called e-mail for short, is a system that allows people to send messages to each other by computer. E-mail makes everything easier and faster including making a powerful business impression and establishing positive professional relationships. The businessperson who uses the technology effectively and appropriately will see the results of that effort reflected in the bottom line. But it must be stressed that you cannot substitute e-mail for one-on-one communication. So, use e-mail for scheduling, routine updating and other administrative efficiencies; and the phone or face-to-face communication for everything else. Read the rest of this entry

Think and Grow Rich

Author: Napoleon Hill
Publisher: Gospel Press
Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi

THINK AND GROW RICHThinking is very critical to ability to achieve success in life. It is not just any thinking, but right thinking. Your thinking is a reflection of whom you are. That is why I want us to examine the book tagged Think and Grow Rich this week.
It is written by Napoleon Hill, who was born in 1883 in a one-room log cabin in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. As a teenager, Hill worked as a newspaper reporter to finance his way through Georgetown University Law School. As a result of his excellent display of (journalistic) excellence while working as a reporter, he attracted the attention of Robert L.Taylor, Governor of Tennessee and owner of Bob Taylor’s magazine who employed him at the age of 25 to write a series of success stories of great and famous men, among whom was Andrew Carnegie. Read the rest of this entry

By Goke Ilesanmi

Reported speech is the opposite of direct speech. Direct speech refers to the original utterance of the first speaker and it is marked off by inverted commas in written discourse. It may be present or past in tense, depending on what the speaker is talking about.
For example, if the speaker is talking about a present event, he uses present tense, and if it is a past event, he uses past tense. So direct speech does not specifically refer to present-tense utterance. Thus, the structure of direct speech may be: He says/said, “1 am happy” or He says/said, “I was around yesterday.” Read the rest of this entry

How to Plan Your Life

Author: Jim Davidson
Publisher: Gospel Publishing
Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi

How to Plan Your LifeIt is said that those who fail to plan are simply planning to fail. This is because planning is very critical to the ability to achieve set goals. This is why I want us to X-ray this book tagged How to Plan Your Life this week. It is written by Jim Davidson, a human-resource consultant and professional speaker. Davidson is a reputable motivational author who has given inspiration to more than 1, 600 audiences with his powerful messages of self-improvement.
In this book, Davidson suggests how you can think about your life plan and what you can do to prepare yourself for your life work. According to him, success means different things to different people. He says there are two distinct areas to consider when talking about success. These, he educates, are the person and the career, job, or activities in which the person wants to be successful.
This book has six parts of 23 chapters. Part one is labelled Who Am I? and contains three chapters. Chapter is entitled A new beginning. Here, Davidson says there are three questions you first need to consider. Read the rest of this entry

Empowering yourself with interpersonal skills

By Goke Ilesanmi

I was held up in traffic jam one day, and as I was thinking about how I could wriggle my way out, a hawker came close to me and rudely knocked on my window glass. I thought he wanted to draw my attention to something on my car, so I wound down. To my amazement, he said he had been signalling to me for some minutes to buy something from him but I did not look at him. That was why he had to knock on my glass like that. I looked at him angrily and then told him to leave. Read the rest of this entry

By Goke Ilesanmi

Planning is very critical to business success. So also is strategy. In short, these two words are believed to be interchangeable or at least go together like Siamese twins. Little wonder that we have the phrase “strategic planning”. What is a business plan? A business plan is a formal document that articulates the direction of a business in a bid to accomplish its most important goal, that is, profitability. Profit does not come by accident. Read the rest of this entry

Do we actually need New Year’s resolution?

By Goke Ilesanmi

If you want to succeed in life, you must have a plan. Without a good plan, nothing tangible can be achieved. If you aspire to succeed in business for instance, you need to have a well-composed business plan that articulates the direction of your business in a bid to accomplish the most important goal, that is, profitability. Read the rest of this entry

Manipulation can dampen employees’ morale

By Goke Ilesanmi

Manipulation is defined as the act of making someone think and behave exactly the way you want him to, by skilfully deceiving or influencing him. Though the person manipulating the other person or people may have his way for some time, the strategy of manipulation is not the one that is enduring – it does not last! When employees feel betrayed or manipulated, management’s attempts at motivation cannot achieve any positive result. Read the rest of this entry

Using Case Studies to Achieve Effective Persuasion

By Goke Ilesanmi

csIt is noteworthy that the ability to communicate persuasively is a skill that can be used in all aspects of our personal or business life. In short, it is said that the difference between an impotent conversationalist and the motivating communicator is the ability to persuade people to participate in win-win relationships. The world would be a very different place without those few individuals who have mastered persuasion skills and used them so effectively throughout generations. Read the rest of this entry

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