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Are you motivated by pay, post or culture?

By Goke Ilesanmi

 It was early morning in one of my previous workplaces, a media house. Our receptionist called me on phone that somebody wanted to see me. I told her to tell the person to come in. To my astonishment, the man entered, greeted me and said he had actually not come to see me but the editor in charge of my section of the paper, a pullout. I told him I was the editor in charge of the section, but the man, a senior correspondent from another newspaper said he was not in the mood for any time-wasting. Read the rest of this entry

Financial empowerment through income management

By Goke Ilesanmi

Let me first ask you this question. Are you nervous about your personal finances? Will your savings and investments be able to meet your retirement needs, children’s school fees and other goals? Although no one can see the future, there are things that you can do to reduce your worries. Research shows that most people are only a little amount of money a month away from financial success or empowerment Read the rest of this entry

Professional communication and comedy/emcee business

By Goke Ilesanmi

comedyNigerians are very creative. Some years ago, foreign music held our airwaves hostage. But today, local music has taken over and the industry is growing. The comedy/emcee segment of the entertainment industry is growing too. We now have many “talented” comedians and emcees offering great entertainment. Entertainment is critical to effective communication. Read the rest of this entry

By Goke Ilesanmi

     A friend of mine told me that some years back, a competitor invited him to a birthday party. Midway into the celebration, he (the competitor) just called him to one side and started begging him to tell him the magical or fetishistic secret of his business success as his (my friend’s) business had been the most successful among the competitors’. Read the rest of this entry

Defects of over-celebrating degrees and job titles

By Goke Ilesanmi
Development has continued to elude us in Nigeria because we place too much emphasis on certificates not knowledge; on previous job titles or fruitless experience not skills and achievements. It is not surprising that we despise polytechnic certificates and place so much emphasis on university degrees. Read the rest of this entry





COURSE FEE:N50, 000 (VAT not inclusive). This covers registration fee and online training material. NOTE: The first five people to register will get a book free. 


MODE OF PAYMENT:Pay the N50, 000 (VAT not inclusive) into Gokmar Communication Consulting Acc No: 1013548091 at Zenith Bank.


NOTE: Pay 5% VAT (N2, 500), using our corporate TIN: 17042669-0001.   Read the rest of this entry

What self-image do you see in your mirror?

By Goke Ilesanmi

At a wedding reception where I was serving as the master of ceremonies in Lagos recently, one of the people that naturally ought to help handle one of the areas of the programme whatyouseerefused (before the actual day) to accept to come out and speak for just two minutes on the day. He turned down all my appeal that I would equip him with necessary training before the day so that he could be confident.  


Possible excuse

If we had not had enough time ahead of us to do necessary confidence-boosting training and rehearsal, I would have attributed his fear to lack of knowledge of what to say, technically referred to as ignorance-induced fear. Given the way he closed his mind to the idea of ever coming out to face the crowd on the day, I could sense that he was (and is) suffering from psychological fear that borders on self-perception. We did not have any option but to use another person who was ready for me to train him to perform the task. And he performed brilliantly and was applauded by the audience. At this point, the man who had refused to perform the task became jealous and dejected.

   Every human creature has been created to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. This means that deep within us lies a seed of greatness and success itching for germination and harvest. We have the ability to accomplish our God-given purpose, but allowing our talent or ability to manifest is our responsibility. And self-image is critical here. Please let me ask you this question: “What self-image do you see in your psychological mirror?” You need necessary empowerment to break your negative psychological mirror if you have one.

     Read the rest of this entry

By Goke Ilesanmi

Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson, an associate director for the Motivation Science Centre at the Columbia University Business School says to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be able to recognise an opportunity when you see one. In the same vein, you need to have plans if you really want to succeed. Having alternative plans is very critical to success in all areas of life. Read the rest of this entry

Branding through quality service and empowerment

By Goke Ilesanmi

    There is definitely a gap between perception and reality in the event that you discover that people, even those who know you very well, do not quite understand whom you really are and what they can rely on you to do for them. That is, there is a gap between the “real you” and the “you” other people see and interact with. Businesses deal with this dilemma constantly. Their most successful strategy is branding. Read the rest of this entry