mdARCHITECT TAOFIK POPOOLA is the Principal Partner of ARTEC PRACTICE LTD, a firm of professional Architects and Project Managers that have harmoniously worked together for about 30 years now.

POPOOLA, known to members of the Practice and acquaintances fondly as “TP”, has worked all his life as an Architect, a career spanning close to three decades. A Certified Architect with Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, and duly registered with all certifying bodies of Architecture in Nigeria, TP is a consummate professional whose penchant for creative and challenging designs is reflected in his ecologically-sensitive designs, rendered with panache and utmost consideration for nature /conservation.

Being the firm’s Principal Partner since inception, he is in charge of the day-to-day administration of the Practice, providing leadership, coordinating and communicating projects, business decisions, vision and strategies, planning execution and performance monitoring.

Having worked with various architects and other third-party contractors/consultants, his verse experience has seen him spend every one of his working day in the studio working with his team on environment-friendly designs.

He also encourages rookie team members’ input into projects through demanding brainstorming sessions. The Practice has since been the better for it.

TP had a brief work session in the office of Stuch Voster Architects (SVA), at their Johannesburg office in April 2004 while working on MTN Nigeria Communications Ltd’s Project.


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2, Euphrates Street,

Off Aguiyi Ironsi Street,

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Website: www.artecpractice.com