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Driving Growth through Innovation

Author: Robert Tucker
Publisher: Berrett Koehler
Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi

Driving Growth through InnovationThe target of business people or corporate organisations is to achieve substantial growth and by implication profitability. Yet, it is very challenging to achieve appreciable growth (which signifies productivity) and profitability in the midst of competition. The solution is innovation, that is, conversion of new knowledge into new products and services.
That is why I want us to X-ray this book tagged Driving Growth through Innovation this week. It is written by Robert Tucker, president of The Innovation Resource, a consulting firm based in Santa Barbara, California. Tucker is a keynote speaker that is in high demand. A former adjunct professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, he advises a lot international organisations on innovation strategy. Read the rest of this entry

Think and Grow Rich

Author: Napoleon Hill
Publisher: Gospel Press
Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi

THINK AND GROW RICHThinking is very critical to ability to achieve success in life. It is not just any thinking, but right thinking. Your thinking is a reflection of whom you are. That is why I want us to examine the book tagged Think and Grow Rich this week.
It is written by Napoleon Hill, who was born in 1883 in a one-room log cabin in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. As a teenager, Hill worked as a newspaper reporter to finance his way through Georgetown University Law School. As a result of his excellent display of (journalistic) excellence while working as a reporter, he attracted the attention of Robert L.Taylor, Governor of Tennessee and owner of Bob Taylor’s magazine who employed him at the age of 25 to write a series of success stories of great and famous men, among whom was Andrew Carnegie. Read the rest of this entry

How to Plan Your Life

Author: Jim Davidson
Publisher: Gospel Publishing
Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi

How to Plan Your LifeIt is said that those who fail to plan are simply planning to fail. This is because planning is very critical to the ability to achieve set goals. This is why I want us to X-ray this book tagged How to Plan Your Life this week. It is written by Jim Davidson, a human-resource consultant and professional speaker. Davidson is a reputable motivational author who has given inspiration to more than 1, 600 audiences with his powerful messages of self-improvement.
In this book, Davidson suggests how you can think about your life plan and what you can do to prepare yourself for your life work. According to him, success means different things to different people. He says there are two distinct areas to consider when talking about success. These, he educates, are the person and the career, job, or activities in which the person wants to be successful.
This book has six parts of 23 chapters. Part one is labelled Who Am I? and contains three chapters. Chapter is entitled A new beginning. Here, Davidson says there are three questions you first need to consider. Read the rest of this entry

Writing Business Plans That Get Results

Author: Michael O’Donnell

Publisher: Contemporary Books

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi

Writing Business Plans that Get ResultsPlanning is very critical to success of everything we do. It is even more important in business. That is why we are examining another book on business plans, tagged “Writing Business Plans That Get Results”, with the subtitle “A Step-by-Step Guide”.  

    It is authored by Michael O’Donnell, a business consultant with the Promersberger Company in Fargo, North Dakota. O’Donnell specialises in developing marketing plans for the firm’s clients. Read the rest of this entry

Project management and effective communication

By Goke Ilesanmi


   Project management is the process of guiding a project from its beginning through its performance to its closure. It includes three basic operations such as planning, organising and controlling. Performing these activities successfully requires information, communication and commitment. The job of a project manager is very taxing (not “tasking”, please). The project manager coordinates technically specialised professionals to achieve a common goal. In spite of his or her own work experience, his or her ability to identify and resolve sensitive organisational and interpersonal issues will go a long way in determining his or her success. Read the rest of this entry

Author: Steven Brown

Publisher: Fleming H. Revell

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi

                                                         Most corporate organisations collapse today as a result of ineffective management. This is because most people find themselves in managerial positions without prior training or preparation. Many errors are therefore committed by such managers which negatively affect their organisations. It is therefore necessary for such managers to learn from this book entitled “13 Fatal Errors Managers Make and How You Can Avoid Them”. It is written by Steven Brown, president of the Fortune Group. Read the rest of this entry

Ten Commitments for Building High Performance Teams

Author: Tom Massey

Publisher: Religious Broadcasting Inc.

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi


High performance is very critical to the survival of any organisation or individual. And when we talk about organisational performance, teams (human beings) are catalysts for its realisation. I have decided to review this text entitled “Ten Commitments for Building High Performance Teams” as a guide on how to achieve organisational performance through effective teams. It is written by Dr. Tom Massey, a corporate leadership trainer and coach with about 20-year experience in optimising individual and organisational performance. Read the rest of this entry

Promoting Yourself

Author: Hal Lancaster

Publisher: Free Press

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi


Most employees face the challenge of getting promotion in the workplace. They adduce different (wrong) reasons for this. Such people need to read this book entitled “Promoting Yourself”. It is written by Hal Lancaster who spent more than 30 years at “The Wall Street Journal” as a reporter, bureau chief, editor and columnist. Read the rest of this entry

How to Sell Yourself

Author: Arch Lustberg

Publisher: Pinnacle of Grace

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi

                                             One of the ways to excel in life is to know how to effectively position, sell or market yourself in every situation. And communication is very critical to success in this area. That is why I want us to examine this text entitled “How to Sell Yourself”, with the subtitle “Winning Techniques for Selling Yourself …Your Ideas…Your Message”. Read the rest of this entry

What Rich People Know and Desperately Want to Keep Secret

Author: Brian Sher

Publisher: Prima Publishing

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi


                                                It is natural to hide one’s source of success. The tendency to make the source secret is even high(er) when it comes to money-making. That is why the rich would not like to disclose their financial-success secret. But the good news is that there is revelation of the whole secret in this text entitled “What Rich People Know and Desperately Want to Keep Secret”. Read the rest of this entry

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