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Superstar Sales Secrets

Author: Barry Farber

Publisher: Elpac Publishing

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi


As a result of the importance of sales to sustainability and profitability of a business, we are X-raying this sales book entitled “Superstar Sales Secrets”, written by Barry Farber. Farber is the president of Farber Training Systems, Inc., and has trained thousands of salespeople, managers and trainers to reach new levels of sales success. Farber says the world of sales has changed considerably over the last decade, with customers more sophisticated and demanding. This author discloses that customers expect not only quality products, but also beyond-the-call-of-duty customer service and the opportunity to build an ongoing relationship. Read the rest of this entry

Seven Step Business Plan

Author: Sheila Holm

Publisher: Jetmove

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi



To be successful in business, you need to conduct research and write your business plan. Attempting to start a business without a (well-composed) business plan through feasibility study is like a stranger going to an unfamiliar terrain without prior direction. Or better still, it is like a ship without a rudder (which controls its direction). It is in the light of this that the publication of this text entitled “Seven Step Business Plan”, written by Ms. Sheila Holm, a respected business-management expert is a welcome addition to business management literature.

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Driving Growth Through Innovation

Author: Robert Tucker

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi


One management concept being embraced in the corporate world now is innovative management. It is all about being creative to be able to stay ahead of competition. In short, growth, which is a sign of profitability and which also leads to profitability and sustainability, can only be effectively driven through innovation. Therefore, this text is very relevant to corporate growth.

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Modern Trends in Sports Administration and Management

Author: Dr. Joseph Awoyinfa

Publisher: RBPC

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi


One of the major factors militating against the development of sports in Nigeria today is lack of effective management. A lot of solutions are being proffered by concerned and patriotic Nigerians daily to bail us out the quagmire. One of such solutions is this text entitled “Modern Trends in Sports Administration and Management”. It is written by Dr. Joseph Awoyinfa, a lecturer in the Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education, Faculty of Education, University of Lagos, Nigeria; a researcher and educational consultant. I was the person invited by the author and the university to review the book when it was presented to the public on December 4, 2008 in Nigeria. Read the rest of this entry

Fire Your Share Analyst

Author: Ayo Arowolo

Publisher: P2P Media Partners Ltd

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi


Lack of knowledge of what it takes to make headway in the venture of buying and selling stocks has discouraged many prospective investors from investing in stocks in Nigeria and beyond. Even most of those already trading in stocks often get their fingers burnt due to inadequate knowledge of stock analysis. It was the desire to guide such people that made Ayo Arowolo, my former Managing Editor/CEO at “Financial Standard” newspaper, Lagos, Nigeria write this text entitled “Fire Your Share Analyst”. Read the rest of this entry

Promoting Yourself

Author: Hal Lancaster

Publisher: Free Press

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi


One challenge that most employees face in the workplace is how to boost their chances of getting promotion. Most of them adduce different (wrong) reasons for their inability to get promotion. I think such people need to read this book entitled “Promoting Yourself”, with the subtitle “52 Lessons for Getting to the Top… and Staying There”. It is written by Hal Lancaster who spent more than 30 years at “The Wall Street Journal” as a reporter, bureau chief, editor and columnist. Read the rest of this entry

How Legendary Traders Made Millions

Author: John Boik

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi


One way to quickly achieve success in life is to have a mentor or learn from experienced people in one’s area of interest. The same applies to stock investing. Therefore, it is a good idea that John Boik has written this text entitled “How Legendary Traders Made Millions”, which has as subtitle, “Profiting from the Investment Strategies of the Greatest Stock Traders of All Time”, to assist (prospective) investors.

  Read the rest of this entry

How to Make and Manage Money

Author: Ron W. Blue

Publisher: Self-improvement

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi


If there is one topic that always arrests the attention of people across the world, it is how to make money. But knowing how to make money alone is not sufficient to keep one off the shackles of financial deficiency. To enjoy enduring financial freedom, one needs to learn how to make and manage money. By writing this book entitled “How to Make and Manage Money”, Ron Blue can be regarded as a philanthropist because he has indirectly given billions of naira if not dollars to readers. He has taught people how to fish financially instead of just giving them fish to eat. Read the rest of this entry

Risk Analysis for Islamic Banks

Authors: Hennie van Greuning and Zamir Iqbal

Publisher: World Bank

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi


For a long time now, the idea of operating Islamic banking has generated a lot of debate or argument, especially in Nigeria which has different religions. I was therefore excited when I was handed this book by a former boss of mine on his return from a World Bank conference in the United States of America recently. At least, reviewing it will shed more light on the supposed grey areas of Islamic banking. Read the rest of this entry

Birthing the Elephant

Authors: Karin Abarbanel and Bruce Freeman

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

Reviewer: Goke Ilesanmi


Starting a business constitutes a great challenge and the thought of it alone frightens most people into inaction. This is especially so because they lack knowledge of what it takes to begin, not to talk of how to cope when the goings get tough. If men are afraid to start a business; women are overwhelmed by fear of starting. That is why this book has been written to especially wake women up to the idea of entrepreneurship. Read the rest of this entry

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